Cranbrook Town Centre - Part 1



Thank you for taking the time to find out more and complete this survey. This is one of a number of ways that we are hoping to get your thoughts and ideas about the future of the town centre in Cranbrook. 

This survey is in two parts. You only need to complete this part but if you are interested, you can carry on to complete part 2 in more detail, which you will find on the homepage of this website. 

We think that Part 1 should take about 5 or 6 minutes and Part 2 might take another 10 minutes. 

For this survey we are only talking about the town centre area shown in orange on the image below. 

East Devon District Council now owns much of the land behind the supermarket that is being built. The Council and Devon County Council are also due to be transferred more land in the town centre and eventually we will own around 9 acres of land between us. 

Legal agreements are also being drafted that will see the developers contributing millions of pounds towards helping to build things in the town centre, such as a new library, leisure centre and health and wellbeing hub. 

We want to make sure that Cranbrook has a town centre that meets your needs. 

Once the consultation finishes a report will be written about what was said. This will then be used by the Council and its partners to draw up a town centre masterplan in Summer 2024. The masterplan will contain maps, images and words to describe how the town centre will develop.

Some projects will happen more quickly than others, because funding may be easier to raise or because there is a greater need for it to be built. Alongside the masterplan we will also put together a delivery plan that will say how, when and by who we expect each project to be delivered. 

We are running two drop in sessions to come and speak to one of the team. 

Younghayes Centre, Thursday 9th November 4pm - 7pm (free refreshments) 

Cranberry Farm, Thursday 16th November 6pm - 8pm 


Your thoughts about what buildings are important

All the ideas in this set of questions have been suggested for the town centre and we want to know how important they are to you. 

How important to you are other facilities that may be suitable for Cranbrook town centre?

Please rate each of these facilities from not important at all (1) to very important (5). 


How you will use the town centre

These questions are about how you think you will access and use the town centre. 

Places you like

These last questions are about town centres and features that you like.

Cranbrook town centre won't entirely replicate any of these places that you mention or highlight but we want to understand what it is that makes you enjoy a town centre. 

After this page if you haven't previously answered a survey for the Council on Commonplace, you will be asked some questions about yourself that will help us with our analysis.   

If you would like to complete the second part of our survey (10 mins), or the business survey (3 minutes), you will see them listed under 'View more proposals' when you reach the end of this survey with the following titles: Cranbrook Town Centre Part 2 and Cranbrook Town Centre business survey.  

This engagement phase has finished

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