Cranbrook Town Centre Part 2


Cranbrook Town Centre - Part 2 additional questions

Thank you for taking the time to complete this second part of our survey about Cranbrook town centre. If you haven't yet answered the first part of the survey, please go back to the home page and look for the Cranbrook Town Centre survey. 

We expect that it will take 8 - 10 minutes to complete these questions. 



The basic concept of Cranbox is to provide relatively low cost, modular units for a variety of small business uses more quickly than if traditional permanent buildings are provided. This might include retail, food and drink, or craft businesses, but small offices could be accommodated too. 

The key advantage of Cranbox is that the modular, flexible design enables units to be added quickly or reconfigured as demand increases or changes. The photo below is of a similar type of development that has been built in Whitehill and Bordon, Hampshire. 

Example photo of the exterior of a red modular unit 'the shed'

example photo of exterior of modular building with outdoor seating

About markets

Weekly, or permanent market spaces offers opportunities for businesses to sell goods to local people, with very little overhead. It is ideal for small-scale arts and craft producers, and food retailers. Depending on the demand from local residents, the market could operate in the evenings, weekends, or with a permanent presence. 

A space for a small market is included with the town square that is being built at the moment between Tillhouse Road and the supermarket, but there are opportunities for including further space on other land. 

This next set of questions ask you about the types of market that you would like to see. 


About Cranbrook's identity

It is important that Cranbrook develops its own identity and what it will be known for. 

The development of the town centre should support that emerging identity. 

The Cranbrook Plan states that new development should be sustainable. Which of these ideas for the town centre are important to you?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

If you also have a business in Cranbrook, please also complete the business survey, which will take 3 minutes. 

You can find it under 'view more proposals', after you have answered the questions about yourself on the next page.

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